Moments in a Box: The Lot Gift Box

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moments in a box gift box.png

Moments in a Box: The Lot Gift Box


“Moments in a Box” is a curated box of the best items Shakedown Street has to offer, delivered to your door. We love the community and want to highlight all of the creative people in it and celebrate the art that pays tribute to the music we all love—as well as keep your sock drawer fresh!

Each month we will team up with different lot artists and curate a one of a kind Lot Box, just for you or as a gift for a friend.

  • A new box will be available each month starting in December 2019

  • Each box will contain fresh socks, as well as art and products from our community of artists

  • Each box will have descriptions of the businesses and items highlighted in the box

  • Themed boxes will keep each box you send or receive fresh and the product selection will always be evolving

  • Each box will include several high quality items along with your socks—a great value for only $40

  • Receive exclusive sock designs and other products for only “Moments in a Box” subscribers

  • Stay connected to the scene you love and discover brand new items and jams

Basically…it’s a sock subscription that gets you way more than just socks!

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This listing is for a one-time Moments in a Box gift box.

Shipping is included in your $45 payment!

Subscribe below, tell us a little about yourself or the giftee, then complete the checkout process to reserve your box! (Note: the first box will not ship out until December. Purchases in October and November will not ship until December.)

Have more questions? Shoot us an email!

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